When Does Sciatica Heal?

When Does Sciatica Heal?

The one who is suffering this painful process does not stop to ask “when does sciatica cure?”. Everything begins at a time when we make an effort or gesture in which we notice that we have hurt ourselves. On some occasions we are “blocked” without being able to move and we realize that something has been damaged. At other times, a pain begins that we trivialize and continue with our activity until the pain becomes unbearable. This is usually the beginning of a herniated disc in the lower back. Sometimes that herniated disc irritates the roots that form the sciatic nerve and we suffer a cramp-like pain that lowers us by the leg; is what we call sciatica.

At the moment we suffer a break and we are unable to continue with our life routines. Pain and limitation is the feeling that predominates. At some point we value a doctor who explains that we are suffering from sciatica probably caused by a hernia. Many will confirm it with an MRI, others will not. At this point, once serious complications are ruled out, we return home with a bag filled with pain pills.

When Does Sciatica Heal?Can I Do Something At The Beginning Of A Sciatica Attack?

When we return from the doctor and continue with the intense pain, especially with the passage of the days, we invade the uncertainty. We do not see that this intense pain is normal nor does it seem that it is going to go so easily.

At this early stage the best treatment is analgesics and anti-inflammatories. There are more and less potent drugs. Our doctor will adjust the treatment according to the type and amount of pain that we have. The goal of these medications is not to cure the hernia. What we are going to get is to coexist better with the pain while our body heals the hernia.

In addition to controlling the pain we have to lower our activity, but we should not stay in bed. In the past, bed rest was recommended even for up to one month. This, today, is known to be harmful and we should not do it.

If we do not force our back and if we do not cause more damage, the tendency of the body is always to cure the hernia. A posture that can give much relief and can help us to rest our backs is the one I describe in the post “the best posture for the back “. When we say not to force back, it is not always so easy. There is much to learn. Many times avoiding pain is intuitive and sometimes not. For example, a typical case in the consultation would be a comment like “I go for a walk every day as recommended by the doctor and I’m worse.” When we delve into how he is doing it, he goes for 40 minutes without stopping. This is a mistake I see very often. The explanation can be found in the first post on the web. Like this, there are many errors that are committed by ignorance. If we go through the tips of the web we can analyze our routines and detect what habits we can improve.

I Have Been On Medication For A While And I Still Have Pain, Does Sciatica Cure?

Sciatica is caused by irritation of the nerve root due to a herniated disc (the most common cause). If the herniated disc fails to damage the nerve, the symptoms will improve. Then the question should be changed to “be hernias healed? The answer is yes. The body reabsorbs the part of the disc that has left its place in most cases. When this occurs the root ceases to be trapped and gives up sciatica. We may have the tingling sensation for a while but the paralyzing cramp that went down our leg will disappear.

I remember a colleague who did a simile of the herniated disc with the toothpaste outlet of the tube. The similarity is interesting as to the viscosity of the nucleus of the disc being herniated. Because of this will occur as with toothpaste there is no way to re-enter the tube. It is curious simile with some truth but missing a part. You do not have to go back to your site; The important thing is that the fragment that is hurting us is gone. Our body is trained to do this and will do so in the vast majority of cases, if we let it.

I’m Glad to Know That the Hernia Can Be cured, but When Will the Pain Go Away?

It is true that it can reassure to read that the hernia will heal but the uncertainty continues while we notice a pain as intense as that of sciatica. Let’s talk a bit more and talk about deadlines.

Three things can happen: Let us improve with the passage of the weeks (clearly the most frequent), that we are equal or that we worsen. Fortunately the latter is the most uncommon. The problem with the improvement process is that it can be very slow. The usual thing is that within 1 to 3 months the sciatica will become low back pain, that is, the cramp will be removed from the leg and only the lower back will hurt. Then the low back pain will subside if we keep doing things right. It is rare that there are significant symptoms after 6 months even if we are not 100%.

A small percentage of people continue more months with the root trapped and no evolution is seen. In these cases, if there are no complications, you can expect everything that we can endure without opting for surgery. It will be our despair that leads us to surgery and with good reason when the situation is prolonged in excess.

Only a few will worsen or become complicated with neurological symptoms that require an intervention without delay.

In short, if we suffer acute sciatica from a herniated disc we must take pain medication and educate ourselves well to let the body heal the injury. After that, it will be possible to get back in shape and avoid everything that led us to suffer this ailment.

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