Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy

In the last 100 years humanity and societies have changed for many reasons. There is one fact that especially changes everything, the life expectancy. Life expectancy in developed countries has increased dramatically and that has many consequences that we have not yet assimilated.

When we are young our body holds almost everything. A night with a few more drinks or excess junk food does not pose any problem. Whatever we do we are healthy and strong. One has to think that life expectancy throughout history has varied little until the twentieth century. The normal thing was to live 35-45 years. He died young and we did not have to plan our health because the body did not give him time to deteriorate.

Life ExpectancyIn the second half of the twentieth century, life expectancy rose drastically. It is attributed to many things like improving in hygiene and medicine. Vaccines and antibiotics have had a lot to do. If we look, there is a clear relationship between the extent of antibiotic use and the increase in life expectancy. In short, more than 100 years ago, it was normal to live for 45 years and today life expectancy is well beyond 60-70 years. In Europe it is already over 80 years.

What is happening now is that it will touch us to live many years. And our body will not be young when we die. If we want to have quality of life until 80 years of age, it will touch us to take care of ourselves. Approximately 35 years we touch the physical capacities of our body and then we can only go to worse. Logically I speak of potential capacity. That is, the physical form that we can achieve training with 30 years, we will never reach training with 45 years.

Society faces the problem that there will be many “old” people and we are faced with the challenge of living with dignity all these years that were not counted before. The problem of society is related to the capitalist productive model with which we live. The problem people have is how to stay healthy and vital.

In this new situation the lifestyle becomes very important. If I smoke, drink and work 14 hours a day with stress, it does not look like I’m going to be very healthy. Until the age of 35 nothing will happen, we will hardly notice differences. Those who do not care after the age of 35 will eventually pay.

We know that this is so and there is more and more culture of good aging. Yet much denial remains. It is very common to see people doing things that we know for sure that lead to disaster. For example, a man who has high sugar or cholesterol by the clouds and decides that that to him is not going to affect him and does not take action. There is also the obese and smoking person you can see eating at a local junk food. I do not want to judge the option of life of each one, but it does emphasize that there are many people who are not being aware because they are hiding the reality.

In future posts we will talk about many of the keys that will make us live healthier and with a back and neck in full form.

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